4 Ways To Find Great Content Ideas

Creating quality, informative and engaging content is one of the most important factors of current search engine optimisation. It can also be one of the most fun aspects, however we all hit writer’s block at some stage and the thought of creating content soon becomes a bore.

It can be difficult to create unique and refreshing content around one topic, all the time. But that difficulty often lies in the fact that you have become so immersed in that topic on a daily basis, that you look at it from just a single perspective and hence struggle to find new ways to create interesting content and discussion.

There is a solution, however, and it only takes a little time investment to conquer. The key is to try to take the perspective of how ‘outsiders’ view and discuss your industry or topic and take a human approach to creating your content rather than simply relying on pure keyword data and analytics.

It’s often overlooked that Google’s primary purpose is to simply serve its users with answers to their queries (in a nutshell). So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that the best places for sourcing content ideas is via websites that revolve around questions, and their solutions, and informative discussions.

By reviewing the information and content on these websites, you will be able to get a good idea of the thought process of your target audience, and then create content around the topics of their discussion and, most importantly, answers their questions and gives solutions to their problems.

Here are some examples of quality websites and platforms to take a look at:

  1. Linkedin & Facebook Groups

Both Linkedin and Facebook groups are a fantastic way of seeing how real people are discussing your industry or topic and are abundant with questions and answers.

Unfortunately there’s no quick way of just exporting or compiling the data available to you on these platforms. It’s a manual process, but certainly one worth doing – you will need to keep on top of new threads, posts and discussions and keep a file of the topics and ideas that you deem valuable.

Try targeting a few large and established groups within your niche and participate in the discussions as well as harvesting the valuable topics and ideas. Not only will you have a raft of quality content ideas, but you’ll be building worthwhile relationships within the industry and niche at the same time.

  1. Quora

Quora is a platform that is filled to the brim with questions and answers. It can be quite the gold mine for finding content ideas, providing you filter through some of the often-times amusing and odd questions and answers on the platform. Via just a simple search, you will find a whole variety of questions and topics, all of which you can take a manual note of and create content around.

  1. Comment Sections

It can be a difficult task to find a comment section that isn’t filled with trolls or spammy links, but if you can find a diamond-in-the-rough, there can be some very valuable information available to you. You’ll often find that an engaged audience will offer new ideas or feedback in comment sections that can be extremely helpful for new ideas.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can take a look at this from two different angles. Think about the questions that you are asked, by your customers or clients, on a regular basis and create content that provides a solution to them. You can even reach out to your customers proactively and see if they have any queries. Alternatively, you can seek out already made FAQ pages from websites in your niche and use the questions as topics for your content.

An even better approach would be to use both sources, compile your findings (removing any duplicates of course) and use your comprehensive list as a foundation for your content plan.

To Summarise

The above websites are just an example of some of the fantastic sources of information available to you online. They are, of course, places to find ideas, not places to steal content! Remember to always make your posts, articles and pages unique, informative and relevant to you and your business as well as engaging for your target audience.