Old AdWords Interface to be Phased Out

We’ve written before about the AdWords interface updates that were rolled out last year (for better and worse!) which google is calling the “new AdWords Experience”. Currently users of AdWords have been able to toggle back and forth between the two different interfaces, with many opting to stick with the older interface they were comfortable with.

However, Google announced on Monday that the old AdWords interface will no longer be available by the end of the year.

Some of the older features and reports that were available in the ‘old’ version however aren’t being transferred to the new system, hence a lot of users prefer to continue using the tools they are familiar with.

The new Keyword planner displays the main Keyword Ideas chart with the inclusion of mobile search volumes (as well as the total monthly search volumes like the old version). The old version of the Keyword Ideas chart made mobile search volumes only available via the Search volume trends drop-down menu.

There are also two new metrics now available in Keyword Ideas. This includes Organic impression share and Organic average position; if the website ranks for the keywords in question and there is enough data available for analysis.

One particularly powerful addition is the devices card view, which allows you to see how your campaigns are performing across various different devices with ease. This of course is vital information considering the increasing focus on mobile optimised content from Google and the interface allows you to go straight through to adjusting your bids per-device.

Unlike the old version, where users were required to set a bid to get forecasting, the new forecasts section of AdWords Keyword Planner immediately displays the total estimated performance impact, which includes max CPC, from the keywords. Users can also adjust bid settings by clicking the drop-down menu on the plan estimates or by selecting the max CPC field.

The news comes as bittersweet to some long-term AdWords users. There are some features of the new interface that are great for productivity and many of the systems are taking an automated approach, but many users are content with how the interface is in its current state.

Jerry Dischler, Google’s VP of product management, says the company has taken feedback into account and made updates, including the ability to “find features faster with more intuitive icons, hide and unhide paused or removed items, and see more of your performance data by expanding the statistics table.”

It appears as though the majority of accounts will be switched over to the new interface by October at the latest, as Dischler notes that the switch won’t be taking place during November or December. However, you will be notified that the switch is taking place on your account prior to it happening.

How do you find the new AdWords interface? Have you tried it out at all? If not, it’s probably a good idea to start brushing up on the new features and workflows, as the switch-over is inevitable!