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Google To Assist in Development of WordPress Ecosystem

Google has partnered with Worpdress in what will be an exciting time of development for the platform. The partnership aims to boost WordPress’ support of latest web technologies, most importantly those relating to performance and mobile device experience. We’ve written before about why you should be using WordPress, and with the open-source content management system […]

Top Tips for Finding an SEO Expert

What’s the point of owning a Ferrari if you don’t have the key to drive it? You may have the prettiest website on the internet, with the most sought-after product in your industry; but without a solid presence on search engines and a steady flow of traffic, you could well be wasting precious resource and lacking […]

Why You Should Invest in SEO

The popularity of SEO is ever growing, so much so that it has become almost a necessity for new and established business alike. Why? Simply put, SEO garners intelligent traffic to your website. It’s without doubt that search remains the best source of getting the right type of audience to your website, beating social media to the […]

Google’s Comprehensive Guide to Featured Snippets

Google has treated us to what is quite possibly the most comprehensive and detailed explanation of their featured snippets, in a post on the search blog. If you’re unaware, featured snippets are the quick and direct answers that appear at the very top of the Google SERPs, which show up in response to some search […]

The Google Speed Update

Google have recently announced that they are implementing a new ranking algorithm releated to mobile search. They have stated that the so-called “Speed Update” will only be of impact to a small percentage of queries, however. The update is designed to target pages that “deliver the slowest experience to users”. We have been advised that […]

Kickstart Your SEO in 2018

With January quickly coming to a close, we’re truly settling in to the New Year and looking forward to the coming months and thinking about new strategies and maximising our returns. It’s important to start off on the right foot after all, and SEO is no different. To set the stage for a great year […]

3 Things More Important for Your Content Than Content Length

Over recent years, the length of content has been a hot date, with SEO gurus often preaching that extremely length content is required in order to garner any success. It’s true that the length of content does have a bearing on rankings, although it’s not the most important factor. In fact, it’s as the old […]

Video Uploads Now Available on Google My Business

Google My Business team member Allyson Wright has announced that the feature to upload videos in the Google My Business dashboard has been rolled out for business owners following its testing phase. Both customers and business owners can view and upload videos on Business listings – the maximum length for these videos is 30 seconds […]

Google Tests More Results On Mobile

We can’t talk enough about mobile search lately, particularly with the imminent roll out of the mobile-first index, and Google seems to be shifting more and more focus on to developing their mobile interface and features. Google have confirmed that they are testing a new mobile search feature and search refinement button. This new interface […]

PPC Trends to Watch In The New Year

Firstly, we’d like to wish a Happy New Year to all of our readers from everyone here at Soar Online! With the New Year comes the opportunity to refresh our strategies and focus on new areas, particularly the new trends in PPC that are likely to develop throughout the coming months. Lets take a look […]