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Google Increases Snippet Length

Google has officially confirmed that they have made alterations to the way snippets are displayed in SERPs. Snippets specifically refer to the description located beneath the URL in organic search results (traditionally the META description), that gives a brief overview of what the page is about and how it relates to the search query. Google […]

Quick How To: FAQ

Being able to answer the questions of your target market, be it in an FAQ format or throughout your overall content, is only getting more and more important as Google continues to hone its service; offering its users fast, accurate and quality information based on their queries. Since updating their algorithm in 2016, Google have […]

How To Keep Your Sandbox To Yourself

It’s extremely useful to have a testing environment for your website, where you can try out new features, tweaks or strategies without effecting your live site. In most cases, however, you will want your sandbox environment kept out of the search engines, so here are a few tips on how to keep it under wraps […]

Top Tips For Site Migration

Are you planning on migrating your website? If not done right, a migration can harm a site’s rankings more than you think, in fact it can be quite catastrophic in some cases. Whether as part of a business move or you are simply implementing HTTPS, if you don’t take search engine habits into consideration, you […]

Be In The Know – Google Manual Actions

It’s vital, when dealing with a Google Manual Action, to understand why you have received a penalty, the consequences and most importantly how to address the issue and resolve it. In general, manual actions aren’t largely a common thing and they are reserved only for serious offences so it’s safe to assume that when they […]

4 Reasons Your Checkout Page Isn’t Converting…

When it comes to conversions, your checkout page is an extremely vital part of the process. This is the part where you ultimately close the sale after your visitor has been all the way through the “conversion funnel”, but even after that process a conversion or sale is not guaranteed even at that point. It’s […]

Don’t Be Haunted By These SEO Techniques

With Halloween just around the corner, let’s not add extra ghouls and gremlins into the mix in the form of “what could have been”. Here are 5 SEO strategies that may come back to haunt you if you ignore them. Schema Markup Googles ultimate goal is to serve its users (its customers) with the best […]

Why Your Link Building Campaign Isn’t Getting You Results…

Link building is no easy task, but it can be a constant uphill battle if you don’t get your strategy and foundations right in the first instance. It really is quality over quantity in this case, so going out and getting masses of backlinks isn’t exactly the best practice. By all means, link building isn’t […]

Google AdWords Gets a Facelift

Google has confirmed that the brand new interface for AdWords is available for all advertisers and boasts upgraded visuals, improved speed and even more tools for management. Whilst not necessarily brand new, as the update begun rolling out from August of last year, the roll-out had continued right up until the present. Exclusive features to […]

Soar, BMS Corporate & Word of Mouth

We teamed up earlier this month with fellow Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce member, BMS Corporate Ltd, to help them build their online presence and generate business on the web after their negative experience with another online marketing firm. Not only did we do a fantastic job for them (if we do say so ourselves!) […]